“stirring and poignant”


“a vibrant, imaginative composition… rapturous”


“Hall receives the mechanical noises as gifts, and returns the gifts with his bow”

A Closer Listen

“a full-throated, emotional musical declaration”


I gave up playing violin — even listening to music — until I could love it again. Becoming a composer was never part of the plan. It happened more by accident than by design, 12 years into my journey away from music.

I enjoy giving music away. Tracks offered below are here for you to download for free. I hope you enjoy them.


What Is Certain Is This

Release Date: February 2019

Genre: Contemporary Classical


Words Will Follow

Release Date: October 2018 – January 2019

Genre: Alternative


How to Listen to Machines Vol 1

Release Date: January 2017 – Present

Genre: Electroacoustic


How to Listen to Machines

Release Date: January – March 2017

Genre: Electroacoustic

Design: DiLello Design


Something Different

Release Date: 2004 / Released: 2018

Genre: Jazz / Blues

Photo: Joel Plotkin / Design: JLern Design


If you’re a returning visitor seeking compositions that are no longer available at this site, please contact me with any titles you would like to listen to.